Our strategy is to always identify key locations for developments close to good infrastructure and large employment hubs. Genesis Homes offer our partners an experienced and professional service across the property development spectrum. We have a proven track record in all areas of development and construction.

We have delivered investor returns through careful site selection, planning gains, correct selection of the final housing types, construction cost control and effective management of project timelines. We have a minimum level of return on projects for investors, and in all projects, we have achieved above these levels.

Genesis Homes has a full local infrastructure which enables it to source, perform due diligence, and manage real estate developments from beginning to end. There has been no losses to date due to a robust approach of selecting projects and effective management throughout the project life cycle.

We offer full transparency to our investors, this is done through completing a critical path and project management programme, and delivery of progress and funding reports as required by investors. We have strong relationships with intermediaries such as solicitors, accountants, quantity surveyors, architects and estate agents who are able to provide an ample pipeline and market visibility. Due to extensive experience of our team we have access to a strong network of Irish land brokers and owners.


Genesis Homes are focused on land acquisition in the key cities in Ireland and the Dublin commuter counties. We see the strongest demand for our target end unit price being delivered from these areas. We consider and remain aware of the mortgage market, the level of employment and average salaries in these locations when assessing site viability. Genesis Homes has developed a network of agents and intermediaries in these areas that can deliver land acquisitions both on and off market. Government policy and focus has now switched to a pro-housing development agenda, these targeted locations benefit from this and are at the forefront of the housing shortage.

Target Locations

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